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Rapid Release Therapy



What is Rapid Release Therapy?

Rapid Release Technology is an FDA Class 1 Medical device that utilizes high frequency vibration therapy to help alleviate muscular tension, trigger points, scar tissue and pain for a wide variety of conditions.


The Science of Resonance

The Rapid Release uses resonant frequencies of 10,000 RPM, specifically designed to target adhesion type tissue. These adhesions typically free up with a few short treatments, which can result in an immediate positive effect on pain and range of motion.


Neurological Effects

The frequency of the Rapid Release treatments also triggers the tonic vibration reflex (TVR) which instantly relieves cramping, spasms and muscle guarding. This is extremely helpful in easing spasms due to back conditions, stiff necks or persistent leg cramps.


Additional Effects

Vibration therapy has been shown to increase the hyaluronic acid (HLA) pressure in fascia, creating space between the fibers and easing movement. That means the fascia, muscles and ligaments can glide over each other and move more smoothly without being stuck together.


Effective for the following conditions:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Muscle Contractures

Muscle Spasms



Shin Splints

Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Trapped Nerves


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