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Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

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Spinal Decompression

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Dry needling

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Our Services

Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

The Wellness Joint specializes in corrective chiropractic care and active forms of physical therapy for joint stabilization and long term results.

Spinal Decompression Therapy (NSSD)

Many people suffer from bulging disc or herniated disc pain and in many cases surgery is not necessary. We have the tools to help.

Cold Laser Therapy

FDA Cold Laser Therapy has proven to be very effective for pain, swelling and inflammation. The therapeutic effects of lasers can significantly speed up the healing process.

Dry needling

Dry needling also know as myofascial trigger point therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment similar to acupuncture. It is a very effective therapy for joint pain and muscle pain, including myofascial pain syndrome.

Rapid release vibration therapy

High Frequency Vibration is one of the only ways to break down scar tissue. The clinical effects made this therapy very effective in treating  sports injuries.

Consider Membership

The Wellness Joint Membership Program allows our regular patients to substantially reduce the cost of care and it’s one of the ways we can thank each person for joining WJ family.

New Patient Offer

new patients receive a special treat this month!

Rapid Release for muscle tension / Cold Laser for pain

On your first visit we will do an evaluation, talk about possible treatment options, and offer a complimentary session of Rapid Release high frequency vibration muscle work or Cold Laser Therapy for pain.

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New Patient Offer


Complimentary Spinal Evaluation and a complete therapy session of Cold Laser Therapy or Rapid Release.



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